What I Do


I lead projects from start to finish.

1. Carpentry.
2. Siding.
3. Porch and decks.
4. Addition and remodeling.
5. Gutters – Copper, wood, aluminum.
6. Copper works.
7. Windows – Door.

Quality work and guarantee.


- 01


specialized work with wood for the construction of your house.

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Need new siding? not sure what kind of siding you want? No problem we can provide free, no-hassle, comparative quotes.
We install all kinds of siding guaranteeing our service.

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Porch and decks

When it comes to deck planning and design. We guarantee safety in first place.
Whether you’re looking for porch and deck repair services or want to build a new porch and deck, you can trust Rehobot carpentry inc. To deliver quality and superior customer service.

- 04

Addition and remodeling

if you’re looking to increase your living space, why not add on a sunroom, a deck or mudroom? We cal also help you turn unused basement or garage areas into much needed storage space, or fully equipped living quarter for extended family or simply extra room for your way of life.

- 05

Gutters - Copper, wood, aluminum

we install, repair , or maintain gutter and downspouts of all makes an types
• Copper
• Wood
• Aluminum

- 06

Copper works

we do copper work to finish your home.

- 07

Windows - Door

windows and door help keep your home insulated from the heat and the cold. That is why we will replace any window and door whether it’s new construction or just a replacement.